Do you have a calling to help others?

  • But are you struggling with self-doubt?
  • Do you 'help and hope' but aren't recognized for your efforts or don't earn what you are worth? 
  • Is self-judgement from competition and comparison with others wearing you out? 

Confidential Coaching will help you reclaim your self-confidence, embody your worth, and do it from a place that is authentically you.

Are you ready to create change?

Confidential Coaching has a step-by-step transformational system to support you: 

  1. You can't change what you don't see, we'll diagnose the problem and name it.
  2. You'll look at what needs structure and frame it.
  3. You'll discover what makes your heart race wildly and tame it.
  4. You'll uncover what you are disowning and claim it. 
  5. You'll look towards the future so you don't lose your direction and aim it. 

What would it be like if you had 2x more self-confidence? 10x more? 100x more?  If you're tired of secretly doubting yourself, I invite you to schedule a self-discovery session. Schedule your self-discovery session by clicking the orange  button at the top of this page. This powerful coaching session will help you uncover the key blocks keeping you stuck in self-doubt!

About Us


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Rebecca Cook is an occupational therapist, author, and transformational coach who works with talented, caring, and highly competent professional women who are secretly struggling with self-doubt and want confidence and success while being authentically themselves.